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The good news you can do it all online, you can check out the price you'll get anonymously and with no pressure - you can just browse in the comfort of your own home, make a decision in your own time and decide for yourself if you want to go ahead.

There are many gold buying sites online these days and they are reputable businesses that pay a good price for your gold, explain the whole process and do not pressure you into selling your unwanted gold for a price less than you would want.

A quick search on Google for a term like 'sell scrap gold' or 'sell old gold jewellery' will bring up a list of gold buying sites. Always look for the BJA or British Jewellers Association logo on the website, this is the regulatory body and any business buying gold online should be a member.

Most sites will publish what they will pay per gramme of gold on that given day (the price of gold fluctuates daily) and will also have a calculator where you can put in the weight of the gold and the whether it is 9 carat, 14 carat, 18 carat or 24 carat gold. If you don't know the carat don't worry they can check that for you when you send your gold in. Gold Bar

Gold Bars

The calculator will show you what your gold could be worth. Then you just need to print off the valuation, send in your gold be registered post and then wait 24 hours for confirmation of the price (this of course may be different than your calculation based on weight and purity when tested but this will be advised and confirmed beforehand).



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